The Limehouse Lamp Company - 16th March 2020

We are continuing to trade as usual however the following measures have been put in place in order to mitigate risk from the COVID 19 - Corona Virus.  We are in compliance with all current guidelines and recommendations and guidelines including the following.

1) We will not be allowing access from the public to our facility until further notice to minimise contact with potential outside contaminants.

2) Unfortunately at this time we cannot accommodate public collections from our premises. 

3) All staff are been designated there own working zones with cleansing areas between each station.

4) Our computer network and work practices are isolated to mitigate any cross transmission between staff.  This will allow us to remain unaffected under current circumstances.

5) We have implemented a quarantine area for incoming deliveries where a safe working distance between delivery personnel and our employees can be adhered too.

6) Where possible staff will be working from home on a rotation basis to optimise hygene in the work place.

7) This will slow delivery periods and production slightly, however this should not restrict our current lead times significantly.

Please feel free to contact us should require any further information.