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Victorian & Edwardian Style Lighting from The Limehouse Lamp Company

Our popular range of Victorian and Edwardian Style products is based on styles that were widely used in those eras.

During the beginning of the Victorian period, homes were still predominantly lit by candles made from fat and beeswax, along with the occasional oil lamp; however, the period saw success in technical developments in many areas, including the ability to light an entire room with a single light fitting, something that was unheard of previously. This could be achieved through gas lighting. Originally only used in street lighting, gas made its way into Victorian homes in the 1860’s, often as wall lights to provide light for staircases.

Throughout the reign of Queen Victoria, technical advancements allowed for the most significant changes being developed and implemented than had ever been seen before.  Candle and oil lamps were instantly improved by piped gas lamps which allowed for more ornate designs, features like glass shades and ornate brass work such as scrolls, and detailed castings were used for more opulent styles.

This style of lighting is perfect in Victorian and Edwardian homes and suits more modern properties also.  Exterior lighting throughout the Victorian era become popular, with many wealthy homeowners wanting to showcase their properties at night.

The late Victorian adoption of electric lamps revolutionized lighting for masses. Lighting became a permanent aspect of a building’s makeup.  The Limehouse Lamp Company offers several collections of Victorian and Edwardian lighting styles to complement Victorian and Edwardian style buildings.