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Vintage / Retro Style Lighting from The Limehouse Lamp Company

Our Vintage / Retro Style lights are inspired by lighting designs introduced in the period running from the turn of the 20th Century to the 1960’s, there is an honest and appealing look to these designs.

This style is based around light fittings that were designed for function or a specific use.  For example, nautical style lighting modeled around those used in ships and boats that suits coastal themes.  Industrial style lighting that replicates the look of factory or warehouse lighting works beautifully with both transitional styles and contemporary designs.

The Limehouse Lamp Company offers a number of collections to complement this style, with our Limehouse 1900 ranges of vintage and industrial lighting along with several other Retro lighting ranges.  Our LIghts are available in a range of finishes including Distressed, Nickel, Old Antique, Polished Lacquered and Unlacquered Natural.